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Make a difference, donate to build a school in Uganda for refugee children and poor Ugandans!

Ambassadors Primary School Kyaka 11

Kyaka ll refugee settlement is home to over 135,000 refugees; the settlement is 81.5 square kilometers has quadrupled in size over the past few years and is now populated well beyond its intended capacity. Education services are overstretched and thousands of children living in Kyaka II refugee settlement and surrounding areas are not attending school .
GRHI is dedicated to building primary schools in Kyaka II Refugee settlement to help Refugee and poor Ugandan children who do not have a school to attend and for young girls who are at risk for human trafficking to get the education they so desperately need.
Whether you can donate a few dollars or more, your contribution will be helpful. With whatever spare change you have, you can help us continue our mission of educating and helping the children of Uganda.


To see refugees and the poor living with hope & empowered by the love of Jesus Christ.


Raise awareness of the life of all refugees, the poor, and victims of war in Africa.
Increase the quality of life through income generating projects, skills training, and provide basic necessities to give hope for a better future.

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