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Women's Empowerment Center

This training centre is inside refugee camp where more than one hundred twenty thousand refugees fled the war from different countries and most of them are women and children the objective is to build economic independence as a tool to work their way out of poverty, care for their families and strengthen their communities in foreign land Uganda.

Women are most affected when the war occurs most of the time, they never had opportunity to go school and when the war happens most male are killed and women are left with the children to look after with no skill. Women are the mothers of nations and give Hope reaches out to them with intention of empowering them for the challenges they face in the refugee camp as well as preparing them for the future. Women empowerment program targets; teenage mothers, widows, and women infected with HIV & girl. Students who have graduated with Seamstresses and hairdresser have joined workforce and some of them owns small business inside refugee camp and in the capital city of Uganda.

To start a small business of sewing, poultry, chapatti vendor on the street and selling clothes the startup cost is $500 this will enable the mom to get sewing machine, rent small space, materials to start and the GRHU Staff on the ground will support them . GRHU will be updating you the progress of the business and well-being of the mom whom you have supported

For those who are in need of the training you can support them monthly or quarterly for the period of 6 month.

The cost to run entire both programs is $2500. This covers 4  teachers' salary, a security guard, materials needed for 6 months for both programs, and an experienced skilled  business person who offers guidance and mentorship to the mothers while in the program on how to run their own business. This mentor supports them another 6 month after their graduation to make sure they are making good decisions in their business or new job. This program has changed the lives of many widows and young girls making them independent and able to provide for their children.

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