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Giving Hope Children Home is located in Jomayi Estate in the suburb of Kampala Uganda, children who now live in this home, have faced a lot of problems, lost their parents in very dramatic ways in their respective   countries of origin.  These children have witnessed the death of their parents in the wars. Give Hope Home provides safe homes for 18 children with intent to grow to 20 children in these 3 beautiful 3 units homes.   These angels have 24 hours supervision and have been integrated into the community.

Could you partner with us to raise these children by giving a one time or monthly gift. These funds will go towards rent, food, clothing, utilities, caregivers and any surplus will go towards GRHI programs where most funds are needed.

Monthly breakdown of costs include:

$500 for food

$ 330 rent for three units

Utilities $75

Total cost monthly : $905

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