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Life as a refugee is the most difficult. In terms of vulnerable populations, they are truly the most vulnerable. After fleeing war, abuse, terror and poverty, they land in the refugee camp. They often only come with the clothes on their backs, traumatized and malnourished. Once in the camp, they are handed a machete, a few bags of food and a tent and are told to clear land where they will live in their tents. Often, refugees live in the camps for many years, even decades. There is no clean water, minimal access to food, and most distressing, very little medical care. Mothers told me story after story of giving birth on the side of the road as they attempted to walk to the only medical clinic, which is 70km away. Those who are ill from Malaria, Typhoid, and Cholera/diarrhea (due to unclean water and unsanitary living conditions) cannot manage to make the distance due to weakness. Women and children are especially vulnerable as, the walk to the clinic often is unsafe. I had women of all ages begging me to help find a resolution to this.

The rapid spread of any disease due to these over populated camps, Give Hope medical centre will be one of the solutions to this. this medical centre is located near the refugee camp and local poor Ugandan will have access to this medical centre.

By God's grace and with the help of generous supporters, the Giving Hope Medical Centre construction is almost done and water well and we are so excited to start planning to finally open it to refugees and poor Ugandans. We are hoping to open March 2024.   

We are looking into furnishing, and buying medical equipment to be able to start operating So far we have raised $6000. We still need about $45100 to be able to furnish and buy an equipment’s to open the Medical Centre.

We can’t help at marvel at the generosity of donors all over the world. Already we have been able fund Phases 1, 2 & 3, which completes the purchase of land, digging and laying of the foundation, raising of the walls, first paint of the building.

OF NOTE- We will seek ongoing donations to support the continuing costs of medications, fees for medical practitioners, costs of running the clinic, and training for practitioners once the clinic is up and running.


As always, we are so grateful for your generous donations that are changing and saving lives daily.

To make donations on this project please send a check or PayPal link below.

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